Wided Rihana Khadraoui

What I’m About:

I am a cultural entrepreneur, writer, curator, and founder of tazuri projects, a digital art space and thought curator championing historically overlooked and marginalized groups in the art sector.

I’ve worked extensively in an international setting, primarily in the creative sector in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region. I ran a commercial art gallery for four years in the Middle East. I’ve also consulted and advised on art purchases specifically in the emerging art sector - focusing on undervalued contemporary artists from the Global South.

I am a strong front-end player, with enough back-end knowledge to drive a project. With my experience in start-ups and emerging companies I also have great communication skills and the ability to navigate through ambiguity.  I also teach a course on Contemporary Art and Collecting in the Middle East and North Africa and give presentations on the need for inclusivity in the art sector.

My interests lie at the intersection of representation, arts, and politics. I have ongoing research in the potential of inclusivity + tech, particularly in its use to bridge the divide between marginalized groups and its utilization for social innovation and sustainable practices.

Inclusion of minorities, women, and other non-traditional stakeholders in the creative sector is very important to me, both professionally and personally.  

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