My professional experience spans across various creative sectors including commercial art galleries, museums, and digital agencies. The most apt description of my respective skill sets would be problem-solver; I am very good at fixing things across institutions, and have strategic understanding centered around supporting organizations with growth planning, in all capacities from writing copy to meeting clients.

My sector expertise lays in business operations within art + creative organizations and strategic growth planning. I've generated reports detailing trends in markets as well as insights into target audiences across various regions; specifically, in the creative industries. I’ve also organized and curated events and exhibitions ranging from product launches to temporary art fair booth participation (that was featured on CNN). I’ve also developed, oversaw and analyzed outreach communication strategy, processes, calendar and promotional plans, campaigns and spend optimization. I also have experience around festival programming and production, community cultural development, and grants and fundraising.

I’ve sold and marketed a range of products and services - from luxury skincare products, to advertisement, to contemporary art work and most recently digital solutions and services; my experience has directly helped shape retail and marketing strategies based on consumer insights to directly drive genuine engagement and elevate the personalized customer relationships.

In all of my roles I’ve helped develop effective customer acquisition strategies and programs and built relationships with internal and external stakeholders around a variety of topics. My previous experiences include: creative sector strategy and consultancy; generating trend reports; content creation; event curation and production; content development and creation, media outreach strategy; and marketing planning.


With my broad-ranging expertise and analytical depth, I’ve brought market context and feasibility analysis to both private and government creative sector development projects and campaigns. I am a creative problem solver, and take into account real world understanding in providing appropriate and meaningful service. I’ve worked in partnership with clients to develop a program custom-designed to suit their needs.


I’ve generated quality content for both organizations and agencies. I’ve also been commissioned to write articles and reports on the Middle East and North Africa, looking specifically at the creative industry, opportunities, and highlighting contemporary artists and platforms.

Academic education:

  • Graduated with a MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise from University of the Arts London, UK
    Dissertation topic: Are Museums Racist? Inclusion and Diversity in the Arts – focusing on understanding the actual role of technology and equity) 2019

  • Graduated with a MSc in Comparative Politics, Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (Dissertation topic: Comparative Analysis of Post-Conflict Civil Society in Algeria and Lebanon) (2010)

  • Graduated with a BA in International Affairs and Economics from George Mason University, USA

Board Positions & Professional Memberships

Board Member

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Committee, MCN

- MCN is a platform dedicated to growing the digital capacity of museum professionals.


  • International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art

  • Independent Curators International International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art

  • Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ)